Money-back guarantee 21-day cyril yoga retreat incorporating the recommended yoga diet and not being satisfied with the results.

Terms and condition apply.

We are trying to help you to get fast benefit ever in your life the reason you will get body pain, laziness, tiredness the first week so many problems will create the body this is normal for everybody. You should understand that before joining yoga course you need time to recover this problem 2 weeks. If you necessary you can use for painkiller only for 3 or 4 days.

If you feel too much tiredness in the body you can have an ayurvedic medicine for ashwagandha tablet with two glass of cow milk or soya milk. Still, you are not satisfied with the problem we have very professional authentic ayurvedic massage.

How you find out the progress of yoga benefits?

1. You feel  proper sleeping,

2. You don't feel hungry always,

3. You feel lightweight of the body,

4 last week of yoga course (sitting, relaxing, etc.). Heart rate for well-trained yoga students is 49-60 beats per minute!

Once you paid money for 21 days course without completing you don't get this money back.

After the completion of this course if you are saying that really you don't get any benefit we are ready to pay all money refund.

During this 21 days course if you get any accident you cannot join this course we will hold this money for 2 years during this time you can come and join this course at any time. Or you can exchange this money for a massage or any treatment of our resort.

During this yoga course if are trying to miss behaving and destroy the course we will monitor you and  take action against you we will going to report in legal authority in your country.

All Cyril yoga class and retreat in Goa India controlling by U.S agency Lubbock TX. Related any complaint please email us,