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Lithuania : 3 Days Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat.

  • Cyril Yoga Lithuania Vilnius Lithuania Vilnius (map)

Do you believe that just one yoga session can give incredible benefits to your body & mind? You have an opportunity to experience this for yourself, right now, here in Lithuania Vilnius

While an internationally know yoga master is being launched here in Lithuania Vilnius. You will see that after just one yoga session with him, you can feel the clear benefits reflected in your body & mind. 

If you can follow some simple rules in connection to his yoga sessions, he can help you to gain some incredible benefits from the yoga he teaches, or he will give you a full refund. Rules are the following: drink 3 to 4 litres of water each day, (this includes also all the other liquids), starting with a half a litre upon waking. Do not eat or drink (meaning you need to fast) two hours before the class. One litre of water may be consumed after class. That is it. 

His classes are 99% practically challenging, dynamic yoga, with a background in his family tradition. These yoga classes are both Hatha & Ashtanga yoga, and include Asanas (poses), Pranayama (breath work) and meditation. 

Although the yoga is dynamic you can be of any age and of any level of fitness to attend his classes, you also do not need any previous experience of yoga, since Cyril is used to teaching mixed classes, and will adapt his style to your level.

You can feel the benefits within the first session, as your stress is reduced. Yoga relieves depression and anxiety, improves sleep, improves patience, increases confidence, helps in managing challenging situations, strengthens your immunity system, gives more energy, improves interpersonal relationships, makes you happier, helps to control your emotions, gaining balance of mind, body and soul. Helps to brings together physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and mind, helps you to stay relaxed, increases flexibility, muscle strength and body tone.

Cyril Yogi is a traditional Indian yoga guru, who follows the many generations of his ancestral traditions of his yoga family. He started training with his father daily, already at the age of six, and started teaching yoga at the age of sixteen. First he taught within India, and later also abroad. Since 2013 and onwards he has traveled in 19 countries to spread his practical knowledge of yoga.