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India : 7 Days Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat With Cyril Yogi (Hatha & Ashtanga )

  • CYRIL YOGA AYURVEDA CENTRE MDR 10 Arpora, GA, 403516 India (map)

7 Days Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat With Cyril Yogi (Hatha & Ashtanga )

Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat is offering seven days, 22 hours, 99%, practical challenging and dynamic family traditional Ashtanga Cyril Yoga classes fully focusing to purify your body, mind, and soul in a natural way. We are highly recommending a 3-week course for 21 days continuously the technique of a natural yogic, quantum power of awakening ascension and naturally, develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Taught by world-renowned Traditional yoga master, Mr. Cyril yogi. Since 1993 in India and worldwide, this is often promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. Many generations were following and teaching yoga in his family. Students can feel at ease with a money-back guarantee when attending a 21-day Cyril Yoga retreat incorporating the recommended yoga diet and not being satisfied with the results. (T&C apply) 

Goa the world's most favored destination is the land of sunny beaches fringed by lush palm trees on the west coast of India. Apart from many panoramic beaches, Calangute beach is a queen of all beaches of Goa culture through this unforgettable seven-day retreat.


* * Daily morning and afternoon Cyril Yoga class 108 Yoga positions!

* * Daily energy channel purification & perspire!

* * Daily Pranayama practice (Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, Bhramari)!

* * Daily Meditation!

* * Proper Body Alignment!

* * Daily Yoga Nidra (Develop self-confidence and self-esteem)!

* * Explore the beautiful Calangute Beach in Goa!

* * 8-days/7 nights accommodation in 3 Star Resort!

* * Daily Buffet Breakfast!

* * Daily Buffet Dinner


* Beginner * Intermediate * Advanced, 7 Days with instruction in English & Sanskrit. Spoken languages: English & Sanskrit. The maximum participants in the group are 20. Airport transfer included.


Sunday Arrival: During this Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat, you should aim to arrive ideally between 14:00 and 17:00 on Sunday, there is a Greeting Meeting at 19:00 at the Reception.

Monday to Friday

06:00 Drink; 3 to 4 Liters of Water Each Day Starting With Half a Liter Upon Waking. Do Not Eat or Drink (Fast) Within Two Hours of the Class Commencing.

08:00 Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Class

10:00 Daily healthy breakfast buffet!

11:00 Day Trip Every Day Different Beach on sharing basis. we will drop the beach at 11 o'clock and we will pick you up at 15.00. ( Monday Calangute beach, Tuesday Baga beach, Wednesday Candolim beach Thursday Sinquerim Beach Friday Anjuna Beach) Excursions are not compulsory you can take a rest from the hotel or you can go your own anywhere. but compulsory you must come back to 4 o'clock in our classroom.

16:00 Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Class

20.00 Buffet Dinner

22.00 Sleeping time


06:00 Drink Starting With Half a Liter Upon Waking.

08:00 Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Class With Cyril Yogi
10:00 Healthy breakfast buffet!

11:00 Day Trip to Vagator beach

20.00 Buffet Dinner

22.00 Sleeping time


06:00 Drink Starting With Half a Liter Upon Waking.

08:00 Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Class With Cyril Yogi

10:00 Healthy breakfast buffet!

11:00 Check Out


During this Cyril yoga holiday retreat, you will be accommodated with the 3 Star Resort in Calangute which takes care of the essential amenities for work and pleasure. Room service, Internet, 24-hour front desk,

Check-in time is at 14:00 & check out time is 11 am Guest should carry their own ID proof (photo identity should be issued by the recognized authority) which is mandatory without it we be able to check in the guest. In case of any clarifications, we will be highly obliged to assist you.

General Inclusions: Refreshing “Goan” welcome drink on arrival at the Resort, Well appointed air-conditioned rooms with Television, Mini Bar, Electronic Room safe and Hairdryer. Usage of Wi-Fi within the property, Meals at one of our food & beverage outlet, Packaged drinking water every day in the room, Bottle of Goan wine in your room on arrival, Usage of Tea/Coffee maker machine in the room replenished once a day. Use of swimming pool with proper swimming attire.


· Ambulance facility, available on call

· Doctor on call

· Power back up by DG set

· Hospital facility on walks able distance

· Laundry facility

· Party terrace, open-air with Barbecue

· Play area for children, safe and secure

· Public transport available to main towns

· Two Restaurants

· Sea/beaches on walking distance

· Swimming pool with Baby Pool

· Telephone STD/ISD facility

· Hot Water 24 hours

· Spa service on call

· Saturday Night Bazaar, nearby

· Wednesday Flea Market, nearby

· Air-conditioned rooms

· Wi-Fi connectivity

· Sunbathing deck

· Tea & coffee making the machine

· Individual safety locker in guest rooms

· Rooms with large and very comfortable double beds

· Shuttle service drop to Calangute beach

What's included?

* Booking for your accommodation in 3 Star Resort

* Airport transfer from Dabolim Airport

* Welcome, Drink on arrival (non-alcoholic)

* Greeting meeting at 18:00 at the resort reception

* 8 Days / 7 nights in a 3 Star Resort accommodation

* Daily Buffet Breakfast

* Daily Buffet Dinner

* Total 12 Ashtanga Cyril Yoga classes

* Total 12 Pranayama & meditation class

* Yogi technique for overcome shyness and social anxiety and gain


* Yogi techniques of Naturally Overcome Fear of Flying with practical,

 Powerful methods.

* The secret of yogic breathing control

* Yogi techniques of Naturally Overcome Stress management

* Yogi techniques for Improving Sports and theatrical performance

* The practical technique for Sexual erectile dysfunction naturally

* The practical technique Yoga Nadi Sweden. Series 1, 2, 3, 4.

* A technique of Naturally improve your Knowledge and

 Understanding of yourself

* The practical technique 108 Yoga positions in (2 hours) morning Session

* A technique of Naturally overcoming Controlling Behavior of

 Jealousy and Anger

* The practical technique 84 yoga positions (90 minutes) evening Session

* A technique of Naturally Clarify and improve relationships

* The practical technique Proper bodily alignment

* A technique of Naturally Control weight and eating habits

* A technique of practical Pranayama traditional breathing

* A technique of Naturally Develop self-confidence and self-esteem

* A technique of Naturally Discover life purpose and higher self.

* The practical technique Bhastrika pranayama traditional breathing

* A technique of Naturally Goals and motivation

* The practical technique Anulom Vilom Pranayama (nasal Breathing)

* The practical technique Bhramari pranayama

* A technique of Naturally Yogic Quantum Power of Awakening Ascension

*A technique of Naturally awareness activation

* The practical technique Yoga Nidra (ending relaxation technique), and Much, much more!

What's not included?

* Airfare

* Insurances

* Airport transfer

* Personal expenses

* Personal care items

* Additional spa treatments

* Additional meals and activities

* External outing costs or local excursions
*Anything not specified under inclusions


The following meals are included: Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Dinner,

Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Recommended a Diet: Everything that we eat is food for our soul. Yogis believe that food is the creator of Prana (life force) that sustains our bodies and brings us vitality and health. Therefore, the types of foods we choose to eat reflect the level of our conscious development. The discipline of yoga suggests a pure (ethical) vegan diet, which facilitates the development of Sativa.

Sativa is a quality of love, awareness, connection, and peace with all sentient beings. Yogis believe that food is our first interaction with the world around us, and if we do not eat with a sense of love, connection, and peace, all other parts of our lives are inclined to suffer.

The basis of sativa is the concept of ahimsa (non-harming). A static diet avoids any foods that involve killing or harming animals. Static diets also encourage foods grown harmoniously with nature, and foods that are ripened and grown naturally. In addition, the foods that we eat should be prepared with love and positive intention. In eating a yoga diet, we are increasing prana and a higher state of consciousness. Please take note of these suggested yoga foods, while avoiding foods that do not align with yoga principles. These suggestions are recommended for any level of yoga practitioner or individual seeking a healthy, spiritual path.

Recommended foods: Fruits vegetables, except onions and garlic whole grains, especially oats, wheat, and rice beans, tofu, mung, adzuki plant-based oils, like sesame, sunflower, and olive oil nuts and seeds, except salted or roasted nuts natural sugars, raw sugar, maple syrup, molasses herbal teas, water with lemon and/or lime sweet spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, mint, basil, turmeric, ginger, cumin and fennel.

Foods to avoid: Meat, fish and egg products (we promote a vegan diet). Processed and/or artificial foods, junk food, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, carbonated beverages animal fats, margarines fried foods canned foods, except naturally canned tomatoes and fruits white flour, white sugar (natural and raw sugars only) garlic, onions, spicy foods stale or overly cooked foods microwave foods alcohol, tobacco, stimulant drugs genetically modified foods (wherever possible) all food must be consumed in a peaceful environment, without rushing. This yoga diet can improve your health, mind, and spirit when combined with asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Prior Preparation For Retreat

Yoga mat: Please bring your own yoga mat or you can buy from our center or you can Get a rental Mat.

Drink: Drink 3 to 4 liters of water each day starting with a half-liter upon waking. Do not eat or drink (fast) within two hours of the class commencing. One liter of water may be consumed after class. Do this every day for 21 days. If you are expecting Full benefits from 3-week (21 days) course do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol, abstain from cigarette smoking and carbonated drinks.

Sleep: All students please try to go to bed early and wake up early. During the period of the course, students are strongly advised to have 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Personal hygiene prior to class: students should bathe and are advised not to use creams after bathing; this will help to absorb the cosmic energy into your body. Where possible, bowels and bladder should be empty prior to class. Where this is a problem, home remedies such as consuming grapes and papaya may help.

Health concerns: (Including general flu) must be reported to the teacher before class commences.

What should I wear to class (women)?

A close-fitting tank top and/or sports bra is the best choice. Avoid oversized t-shirts that may fall down poses. One-hundred-percent cotton tops are also not ideal since they will absorb sweat and become heavy. Cyril yoga classes more active you will be most comfortable with clothing that easily moves with you and stays in place. Find something that fits well and you feel comfortable in. Please do not wear short shorts unless you have longer bike-style shorts underneath. Yoga is practiced barefoot, so wear shoes that can be easily removed.

What should I wear to class (men)?

You don't have to specifically wear yoga pants, but your shorts or pants should be light and stretchy so as to not restrict your movement. Cotton is a suitable lightweight material, but if you want clothing that wicks away your sweat better is also good.

21 Day (3 Week) Cyril Yoga Retreat Dietary Requirements:

During your time with Cyril yoga, you must follow a vegetarian diet and at least half of your consumption should be fruits and vegetables to get the best results. Fruit may be consumed at breakfast (after the class). You should eat a high protein meal once a day, the size of two hands cupped. Fruit can be consumed in the evening. Water should not be consumed during meal times, you can drink 30 minutes prior to eating and 30 minutes after only.


You will need a valid Tourist visa to enter India. To obtain this you will need to contact your local Indian High Commission, fill in the application form, which is usually available to download online, and take it to them or send it in along with the required fee. This can take up to 10 days and your visa is activated from the day you get it rather than upon entry into the country. When stating your purpose on your visa form it is best to say Tourism rather than Yoga. On your visa application, you will be asked to give references to India of where you are staying, you can use the following: * Mr. Cyril Yogi, Retreat Manager, Cyril yoga Ayurveda center, Naikawaddo Calangute Bardez, Goa (Postcode 403616)

Arrival, Departures, & Transfers

You should aim to arrive at Hotel Calangute Towers Dr. Jack Sequeira Junction, Opp. Calangute Village Panchayat, Calangute, Bardez, Goa - 403516 | Mob. +91 8308255400 | Direct line -- 0832-2276597 Tel. 0832 - 6636000

Ideally, between 14:00 and 17:00 on Sunday, there is a greeting meeting at 19:00 at the reception. And your first class will be the following morning. Monday 08.00 to 10 am

If you arrive in Goa before the Sunday of the course, we will not be able to accommodate you early at the retreat as we will likely be full from the previous group, nor will we be able to provide extra days at the end of the retreat. We have a list of alternative accommodations that we can provide on request.


To get to Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat you will need to fly into Goa Dabolim airport, which serves international charter and domestic flights.

Charter Flights

There are many charter flights that fly directly to Dabolim from European cities. From the UK try Monarch airlines at

Scheduled flights

The other option is to fly a scheduled airline to a gateway city such as Mumbai (formerly Bombay), New Delhi, or Bangalore and change to a domestic airline for the journey to Goa Dabolim, which is a 1-hour flight from Mumbai and 2.5 hours from New Delhi and Bangalore. Jet Airways flight from Heathrow and have excellent connections to Goa in India.

Domestic Airlines

There are excellent domestic airlines from the gateway cities which you can book online, try the following, making sure you are paying the fare for a non-resident of India or have your travel agent book the flight for you.

Jet Airways:, Air Deccan:

Spice Jet:

Travel Insurance

As with any holiday travel, insurance is always recommended.


It is recommended that you visit your GP, personal physician or a travel health clinic 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to India. Recommended vaccinations often include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus, and polio. Goa is not a high-risk area for malaria and the tablets can be considered controversial, we recommend that you do some research and make your own decision on this.

What to bring

Most of these items can be purchased locally in Goa and for cheaper than in the West, but you may want to have them with you if you don't want to spend your first couple of days shopping.

Yoga mat: We do have yoga mats that you can borrow, however, it is always nice to have your own.

Warm yoga clothes: If you are visiting in December and January it is hot once the sun comes up and you can spend all day on the beach, but the mornings can be chilly during practice so its best to have a tracksuit or something warm.

Money: Cash and travelers' cheques can be exchanged for rupees, the Indian currency, and there are also ATMs. You would want to have some funds on your arrival, which you can purchase at your airport of departure, however, rupees are not to be taken out of India on your return. For the up to date exchange rate see

Electrical adaptors: Goa operates on 220V, the same 2 prong plugs as Europe, which is different from North America.

Beach towel or sarong: You can purchase sarongs on your first trip to the beach, which is an excellent alternative to packing a heavy towel.

Driving license: If you plan on hiring a car or scooter you will need to have your home country driving license.

Torch/flashlight: Power outages are frequent in India and part of the charm but you might want some help seeing in the dark.

Earplugs: If you are a sensitive sleeper, India is noisy.

Mosquito repellent: Although an excellent version called Odom’s is available widely.

Sunscreen: You will need to take care of the strong sun, especially when arriving from winter.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of confirmed booking 30 days before arrival date 100% refund. Cancellation of confirmed booking tow week before arrival date 50% refund on total pkg. Dates are not transferrable to a later date there will be no refund for No Show without intimation to the Cyril Yoga Holiday Retreat reservation. X-mas and New Year period bookings are non-refundable. Cheques will make all refund only.